Приветствую вас! Я - живое золото.
Я нашел своё истинное призвание после продолжительной медитации в Таиланде.
Я обнаружил в себе энергию Вселенной, которая трансформируется в моем искусстве в вечную субстанцию – в форме золота, вечной памяти материи.
Я должен доказать себе и Вселенной, что люди достойны жить вечно и, познав искусство Ustinoff ART, вы получите шанс зарядиться моей энергией, сделать выводы, и изменить свой образ жизни.
Прикоснитесь к сущности Вселенной через искусство Ustinoff ART.
Смотрите на бесконечность золотых творений Ustinoff ART и создавайте воспоминания, которые, вернут вас к себе настоящим.
Работы Ustinoff ART представлены в Европе, Азии, США, Украине.
Life orbits
Universe love 💛
Universe's hints
Heart of the Universe
The missing link in evolution
The Pyramid of Cheops
Reality World
Arrow of time
Life is life
Fibers. My good galaxy
Real life. Series Universe 🐒
Posterity. 🐍Naan
✉️. Series Universe 🐒
Anna Luts
Gold Galaxy
Nine 💛
Fresh air. Series Universe 🐒
Insurance safe
Mida -555 years. Series Universe 🐒
Couple with💛. Now they are together
Mirror Island (Andaman Sea 7º 57.346'-98º 47.310'). Gold 24к
Export gold. Don’t smoke 🚭!
Square meter of live. Gold24k
Abhaya Mudrā 🌙
Endless orbit
Some tam

These works are available as unique NTFs

Ustinoff Art's Mission

Living gold paints with gold to open your eyes to what is happening.
The world will never be the same again - epidemics, wars, climate change, environmental problems, enmity and hatred. Some have even gone so far as to be unable to clean up the garbage after themselves. People destroy themselves and their environment. But each of us is responsible for the future of the Universe and every action or inaction will have to be answered.
It is important that now he can create an intelligent creature with his thoughts. Thoughts are material. They leave their mark on gold and other matter. Gold carries energy, the ability to transmit information to future generations, as well as souls. Ustinoff ART is a transformation of meanings, worldviews, matter and time with forms of gold in order to prove to themselves and the Universe that people are worthy to live forever. Each particle of gold is mined by hand and processed by human hands carries the energy of people, and the energy of machines produced by the machine and the mined gold of the Universe carries a memory for all universes. It is gold that makes it possible to "record" information.
Working with gold, I use the format of virtual paintings, which are a type of NFT, to mark my Mission forever.
Thus, the Eternity of life, recreated by the Ustinoff ART Universe, will remain with you forever when you are ready to change and accept it.